Colling + IPS

services Each project is unique, and deserves a specific set of skills, expertise and deliverables to meet a specific clients vision, investment criteria and corporate objectives. Our goal has been, and will continue to be, matching the right design and project team with project challenge.

In achieving this goal, the studio of Colling-IPS brings together a core team of architects, planners, interior specialist, project managers and business planners. Where the specific needs of a Client and Project are beyond our immediate capability, we bring together the relevant team members and specialist consultants to solve the problem and deliver on the aims and objectives of the particular design challenge.

Solutions are not necessarily a built form. We work to produce strategic plans, feasibility studies and technical guideline documents to assist a client group in establishing the appropriate framework for their project.

Whilst the studio will continue to bring together a diverse range of creative and experienced professionals to each project, our key to project success is collaboration, both within our internal design groups and with the client organizations we work with. A collaborative approach allows all project stakeholders to be clear on a unified vision and on the ultimate project objectives and allows all project participants to explore as wide a range of options and possibilities before committing to the most appropriate design or framework solution.

Our approach is to also creatively add value to each design challenge. Utilizing our vibrant and performance based network of highly skilled professionals, we adopt a design and problem solving culture that ensures we provide a distinctive  service which is also flexible, agile and innovative. Sustainability is considered not only from a design and environmental perspective, but also in the context of financial and operational sustainability.

Our specialist team for sport, venue and entertainment projects brings a unique design and planning service to the industry. Our network of specialist advisers, designers, operations and event management partners allows the Colling-IPS team to offer a targeted service for particular client needs. Our joint venture partnerships with venture capital groups and investment funds allows the IPS team to bring together a project finance service where appropriate to assist clients in the overall project requirements.

Brief Formulation
Visioning Workshops
Feasibility Analysis
Concept Design
Master Planning
Architectural Design & Documentation
Project Finance (in association with finance partners)
Design Management
Project Facilitation
Project Management