Colling + IPS

project experience

Selected Project Experience (key personnel – Andrew Colling) and Current Projects:


Chinggis Khaan Hotel & Mixed Use Redevelopment U.Baatar, MONGOLIA
Delhi COEX – Design for DLF, New Delhi * Dwarka, INDIA
Hong Kong Jockey Club – 2009 Master Plan Review * HONG KONG
Kaohsiung Stadium, Design & Construct Submission * Kaohsiung, TAIWAN
Kingscliff Residential Integrated Community Master Plan NSW, AUSTRALIA
London 2012 – Technical Bidding Documents preparation * London, UK
Taipei Arena – Design (in association with Archasia) * Taipei, TAIWAN

* Indicates Project Experience of Andrew Colling as Lead Project Designer/Architect as an employee of HOK SVE (now Populous)
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