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Datong Sports Park *

Datong Sports Park Datong Sports Park Datong Sports Park Datong Sports Park
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    Datong City Government

    Populous(Andrew Colling as Design Director)

    30,000 seat Stadium, 8,000 seat Indoor Arena, Swimming Center and Sports Hall.


    Under Construction
The Sports Park for Datong was part of the City Mayor’s vision to create a world class sport, leisure and cultural destination within the new government precinct being built outside of the historic fortified walls of the town.

Inspiration for the Datong Sports Park has come from both its impressive cultural heritage and the stunning rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape outside the city. The rich valleys, escarpments and weathered mountain faces surrounding the Loess Plateau outside Datong City rival the brutally etched Judean desert as it stretches towards the Dead Sea. The color and texture of the mountain ranges are comparable to the landscape of the Grand Canyon in the US.

The notion of Datong being a transitional meeting place between East and West, and the home at various stages of its history to 43 different ethic communities, is captured in the 43 “shells” that come together to create the Stadium centre-piece. Materials, textures, and the creation of a “sequence of spaces” replicate the experience of the nearby Yunggang Grotto caves which physically represent the introduction of Buddhism into northern China.

The Sports Park also operates as a Sporting Academy with many of the operational spaces also used as classrooms, lecture halls and offices in non-event days. Food and beverage outlets will operate year round to service the anticipated student population. The landscape spaces of the master plan also allow for passive and active recreation, with planting and surfaces allowing for year around usage in Datong harsh climate.