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Strategic Land Use Planning

Strategic Land Use Planning Strategic Land Use Planning
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As a complimentary skill developed in tandem with Site Master Planning, Colling-IPS through its Funding Partner also provides advice and strategies in developing applicable Land Use studies for all types of commercial , retail, resort and residential communities within Australia and throughout Asia. In more recent years, strategic land use processes have also developed for Sport, Venue and Entertainment projects.

Strategic Land Use Planning, similar to Master Planning, has moved far beyond the basic pragmatics of sub-dividing land and programming to meet economic indicators. The need to provide integrated infrastructure and site energy needs, combined with a growing trend towards self sustainability and self-servicing initiatives in terms of waste management, water recycling and holistic landscape strategies have stressed the importance of Land Use Planning and a sites integration with the existing, or future, urban fabric.

In Sport, Venue and Entertainment strategic planning, the focus has traditionally been on a well considered staged development to match a business plan and ensuring the sequence of development best represents risk versus potential rewards. Location, access to transport infrastructure, and supporting services has also been a key factor in Sport strategic planning to ensure successful integration into the community urban fabric, or alternatively, as a self-sustaining destination in its own right.