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Taipei POP Art Centre

Taipei Pop Music Center Taipei Pop Music Center Taipei Pop Music Center
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    Taipei City Government


    3,000 seat Auditorium, Hall of Fame, Outdoor Stage, Live Music Workshop spaces, Offices and Retail Zones.


    International Competition

The Taipei Pop Music Centre competition provided the Colling-IPS studio an opportunity to experiment in the design of sound as architecture. Conceptually, our approach was an embryonic exploration in the architecture of sound creation, and how this may manifest itself in a physical way.

The competition brief required the provision of a Main Auditorium, Hall of Fame, Outdoor Performance Space & Amphitheatre, Office accommodation, Live Music Workshops and Retail spaces as part of an integrated music and culture experience. The site was disjointed into two separate blocks by a major roadway. It was also adjacent to a railway yard.

The design approach was based on fun, a sense of delight, and visual intrigue that would inspire further investigation. Each functional “pavilion” was positioned to create both internal and external spatial relationships that would convey the mood, sensations and dynamics experienced in music.

Sound, Pop Culture and Architecture, as community expressions, are all intrinsically linked. They represent what we desire, where we’ve been, and what we aspire to be. Our design approach consciously avoided formality, and conformity, to a certain degree. Built forms ultimately follow some logic as to the fundamental ingredients in structure, construction and materials. Our freedom in design lies in the arrangement of the architectural forms, and the visual interface they present us within the existing Taipei built environment.