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Mumbai Aquarium

Taraporvela Aquarium Taraporvela Aquarium Taraporvela Aquarium Taraporvela Aquarium Taraporvela Aquarium
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    EWDPL/Treasure Hospitality


    30,000sqm Aquarium and Themed Retail


    Competition – ON Hold
The design solution was an opportunity to transform the existing Taraporvela Aquarium into a truly 21st century city icon, building on the established themes of education, conservation and recreation, and again establish Mumbai as the home to the nation’s premier oceanarium, and create an important cultural building on the world stage.

Located on the ‘Queen’s Necklace” of Marine Drive in South Mumbai, the new redesign for the aquarium included a 6,000sqm oceanarium, 4,000sqm of themed public retail and aquarium display spaces, and 7,000sqm of retail and education spaces. The design reflected the “art deco” context of the existing architecture along Marine Drive and was based on the concept of a “Coral Reef”, as a place where fish live. Designs of aquaria are undergoing significant evolution around the world with changing demographics, customer expectations and competition from other forms of recreation and leisure entertainment. Our design approach aimed at bringing aquatic life into a more accessible context balanced with commercial interest.