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Master Planning Studies

Master Planning Studies Master Planning Studies Master Planning Studies Master Planning Studies
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Colling-IPS, through its Founding Principal, has accumulated over 20 years of mater planning experience in all types of commercial , retail, resort and residential communities within Australia and throughout Asia. In more recent years, the master planning focus has been on creating Sport, Venue and Entertainment destinations.

Master Planning has moved far beyond the basic pragmatics of sub-dividing land and programming to meet economic indicators. Whilst these principles are important, creating an integrated experience, balancing sustainability objectives, operational efficiency and developing context and environment relevant to customer needs has become significant issues in the design process. Ensuring a master planned community or precinct meets the overall strategic objectives of a city also becomes a part of the design process.

In Sport, Venue and Entertainment master planning, the need to move large numbers of spectators in a short time period is combined with the need to create a memorable authentic experiences for various customer segments. Safety, security and operational considerations take precedents however without compromising the enjoyment by fans. Master Planning also needs to capture the project “vision” of Clients and the strategic importance the project is to the community whether in terms of economic, social, tourism or regional positioning perspective.