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Inner City Apartments

Inner City Apartments Inner City Apartments Inner City Apartments Inner City Apartments Inner City Apartments
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    Private Developer

    Concept Five Architects (Andrew Colling as Design Director)

    8 x Two Bedroom Apartments


Colling-IPS, through its Founding Partner, have designed a range of inner city apartments and high rise complexes within Australia. Residential and apartment buildings have generally been designed to reflect the trends within the particular neighborhood that they are built and to meet specific customer segments.

The Bowen Terrace apartments in the inner city suburb or New Farm in Brisbane reflects both the scale of adjacent buildings and the historical “art-deco” architectural style of the neighborhood. The eight two-bedroom apartments are designed into an envelope that replicates the image of a large home rather than the traditional functional internationalist style adopted by some of the adjacent properties.

Each solution to apartment complex design ultimately responds to different site context, scale, number of apartments and orientation on site. Critical is efficient planning to allow ease in circulation, access and serviceability without compromising privacy or quality of space. Creating a street presence, a sense of address and visual delight also form key considerations during the design process.