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Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Jockey Club Hong Kong Jockey Club Hong Kong Jockey Club Hong Kong Jockey Club Hong Kong Jockey Club Hong Kong Jockey Club
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    Hong Kong Jockey Club

    Colling-IPS as Consultant to HOK Sport

    Owners M1 Building at Happy Valley - Level 2 and 3 Owners Restaurant & Champagne Terrace


HOK Sport Architecture completed the strategic review of the Owners Facilities at the Happy Valley Racecourse in 2004 which resulted in the redevelopment of the M1 Building into an Owners Facility with specific gaming, dining and lounge destinations targeted at the premium “Owners” membership level within the Club. As the highest value customers within the Club structure the focus was on ensuring this segment was provided with facilities and environment on par with the world’s best.

The resulting design included a new Owner’s With Starters restaurant on Level 2 of the M1 Building, with an emphasis on clear sightlines to the racetrack, easy access to the paddock and to the Owners Lounge. Level 3 included a much larger dining space for Owners in general, with private dining rooms located on a mezzanine Level 4. The strategic review also included the reorganization of kitchen and preparation spaces to provide as much Back of House separation as possible from customer space. Future planning for Level 5, 6, 7 and 8 were also resolved and approved by the Board of Stewards.

A key design element in the Owner redevelopment program was the inclusion of new glass lifts on the racetrack frontage, and a Champagne Terrace and Owner’s Lounge accessible from the Parade Ring. This allowed for the “celebration” of Owners whose horses had won, with a ceremonial procession from dining space, via glass lift, to the presentation podium , with continuing celebrations on the very visible Champagne Terrace. The visibility aspect of the design solution ensured a sense of prestige and glamour associated with being a horse owner was captured, creating aspiration in other Club members.