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Government Housing, Tenby Street, Mt Gravatt

Government Housing, Tenby Street Government Housing, Tenby Street Government Housing, Tenby Street
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  • Client:
    Government of Queensland

    Concept Five Architects (Andrew Colling as Design Director)

    12 x Residential Apartments


Colling-IPS, through its Founding Partner, have been involved in a range of designs for Community Housing in Australia. These projects are driven by the various levels of Government within Australia being committed to providing an appropriate level of public housing to members of the community that may not have access through normal open market avenues.

Community Housing is designed to meet robust operational criteria and provide maximum lifestyle benefits in the most efficient planning arrangement possible. Privacy, and the ability to live independently, are key design principles, in addition to ensuring each accommodation unit is accessible to all potential end users. Projects also need to architecturally blend into the urban context of where they are built so as to maintain the perceived values of the various neighborhoods where social housing is provided.

The project at Tenby Street Mt Gravatt is an example of Community Housing inserted into a traditional inner city neighborhood with private homes on all adjacent properties. The design and architectural style reflected the existing brick and tile homes within the neighborhood and adopted a scale and street presence that did not disrupt the overall visual context. The site provided excellent connections to public transport resulting in minimum provisions of car parking on site.