Colling + IPS

  A studio for the 21st century. Flexibility, Agility, Innovative ...... the market and business environment we are all required to work within is dynamic, continually changing, and often uncertain. As a design studio, we need to adapt, merge and operate in this fluid environment to meet our client needs and expectations. We inevitably take on a partnership role more so than purely a service provider. We become part of the Clients team to solve problems from within.

Colling-IPS has been established as a studio for Creative Minds and Designers for the 21st century. We recognize our built environment will continue to grow, evolve, challenge and question the context of the rapidly changing global marketplace we all operate in – and our studio needs to respond, work and deliver accordingly. Relationships, our networks and clear communication form the foundation to our philosophy in delivering unique solutions into the market place and creating genuine assets for our Clients and the communities they serve.

Union of Practicality and Pleasure ...... we fundamentally believe louis vuitton bags outlet that great design is the union of practicality and sensual pleasure. A brilliantly designed masterpiece, that is not financially sustainable or operationally practical, is of little interest to us. We do not design to please critics or other architects. We design to context, location, budgets, operational requirements and a business plan, without sacrificing creativity or design flair. Architecture & Master Planning remains a creative and artistic pursuit, and a strong design philosophy, grounded in the fundamentals of environment, financial and operational sustainability at its core, has been wholesale replica bags our guiding principle.

An Infectious Passion for Design ...... we view design as a reflection of life, living and culture. Buildings capture a moment in time and reflect the dreams and ambitions of a community at a moment in history – as does art, fashion, food, music, and other creative arts. Design to us is therefore a celebration of life, a privilege, and a responsibility which we do not take lightly. We therefore approach design as an opportunity to extract the best qualities of location, materials, context, clientele, purpose and environment to create work and solutions that are relevant, authentic and responsive to need in a real and practical manner. We aim to add value to the community with our design that go far beyond the boundaries of our site.

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Creating Unique Experiences ...... we start with a Client’s “Vision” for a project and strategically what we are attempting to add to the community with our solution. Each project is a unique opportunity to contribute something of value, not only to the specific site location, but in the context, networks and fabric of an integrated urban layer. The Replica Chloe Handbags outcome must be real, tangible and create a new series of experiences within a community. Often, it is the spaces between structures, or the framing of views, vistas and sunlight, that offer the chance to evoke an emotional response from a “building” design, and hence, fulfilling a sense of purpose, relevance and memory to an individual. We create story, and it is often the uninteresting that creates the most interest. 

Think, Reflect, Imagine ...... design is a journey we embark on with our Clients. As a collaborative process, It becomes an opportunity to learn, test and solve problems and create, with the ultimate goal of satisfying the broadest range of conflicting requirements to a large group of stakeholders. Whilst we aim to work to stringent deadlines, meet key deliverables and work in compressed time constraints, we will not fail in ensuring that with each design solution, we allocate sufficient resources and time to “think, reflect and imagine”. That is our strength.

Andrew James Colling FRAIA
Founding Partner