Colling + IPS

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AURIC BUSINESS & INVESTMENT GROUP Colling-IPS works in partnership with AURIC International to provide funding solutions across a range of project opportunities.

AURIC International Group is a boutique opportunity management, venture capital and facilitation company that provides innovative solutions derived from twelve specialist business divisions – property development, financial & funding solutions, business ventures, investment & managed funds, project consultancy, network facilitation unit (NFU) and our international business based divisions which incorporates resource & mining, infrastructure, energy, logistics, commodity investment & trading group. Each business unit is headed by a specialist team leader with over 20 years of professional experience serving the unique needs of clients, community and project stakeholders.

Our singular business objective is to work within a team environment to deliver desired outcomes within the framework of a predetermined “strategy plan”. AURIC derives its strength and success from its extensive local and international business networks. We take pride in working directly with our partners to determine an opportunity’s specific needs, testing these within a wide range of investment conditions and criteria, identifying risk with appropriate mitigation strategies, and establishing the most desirable exit solutions. These are structured within the relevant parameters of time, resources and money.

An appreciation and respect of all project stakeholder objectives is at the forefront of our recommendations and decision-making process. Unconventional strategies are often required to maximize returns within a particular opportunity for a client. We also take pride on our creative thinking process in developing more advanced strategies to unlock investment potential and achieve longer term investor returns.

With each project and business opportunity, we aim to provide a clear investment “roadmap”, remove uncertainty and deliver tangible progress. Working with a range of funding partners, AURIC are also able to provide project financing solutions and funding joint ventures where required.

Our vision is founded on delivering and driving success for every business and investment opportunity. We view each relationship as a long term partnership with our success reliant on ensuring our client’s success. We thrive on achieving and building successful outcomes in each of our project endeavors.

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